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Following is content designed to orientate participants to major themes, concepts and language highlighted during this virtual learning experience.

Mid-Institute Activities
Watch This Video:

Racial Autobiography

A racial autobiography examines the formation of one’s understanding and relation to race. The practice of constructing and sharing our racial autobiography allows us to consider the many factors involved in the formation of our understanding and relation to race. First watch the video. Then grab a pen, paper or smart device and dedicate a few moments in reflection of the following questions. Make a heart commitment by recording your reflections/answers to these interrogatives.


When was the first time you were aware of race?
What did your family teach you about race?
How did this relate to what you saw, experienced or learned in other environments?
What is your earliest memory of race-rooted conflict or strife?
What is your earliest memory of the beauty, power, and promise of racial diversity?

Reflection on Privilege: Take a few moments to reflect and respond the the following..

How did it feel to go through this exercise?
Which question was the most challenging for you?
Were you surprised by any of your answers?
Have you ever grappled with your own privilege in light of the “other”?
What do you think are some of the systems that create these experiences? How do you interact with those systems?
Are there ways you might be contributing to the differences in lived experience of people in your community, through your actions or inaction?
What is our responsibility?


Privilege Quiz

Did your parents own their home?                                         Yes (+1)                      No (-1)

Did either of your parents graduate from college?                 Yes (+1)                      No (-1)

Did you grow up watching television characters that
looked more or less like you?                                                 Yes (+1)                      No (-1)

Have you ever been scared to walk down the street
holding your partner’s hand?                                                 Yes (-1)                       No (+1)

Are you able to go to new places without worrying                Yes (+1)                      No (-1)
about accessibility?

Does anyone in your family struggle with drug or                  Yes (-1)                       No (+1)
alcohol abuse?

Did your family had more than fifty books in the                    Yes (+1)                      No (-1)
house where you grew up?

Have you ever felt an opportunity or experience was            Yes (-1)                       No (+1)
closed to you because you did not know how to
speak, dress, or act?

Have you experienced discrimination because of                 Yes (-1)                       No (+1)
your race?

Did your family teach you that police were someone            Yes (-1)                       No (+1)
to be feared?

Was your family was ever forced to move because              Yes (-1)                       No (+1)
they could not afford to pay their bills?

Have you have ever been denied a job or paid less for        Yes (-1)                       No (+1)
comparable work, was not taken seriously at work,
or had a less qualified man promoted over you
because of your gender?

Did you take vacation outside your home state                     Yes (+1)                      No (-1)
before you were 18 years old?

Have you ever inherited, or expect to inherit,                        Yes (+1)                      No (-1)
money or property?

Do the people with power in your community                        Yes (+1)                      No (-1)
look like you?

Has anyone asked you to speak for or represent                  Yes (-1)                       No (+1)
your race?

Have you ever lived somewhere that didn’t                           Yes (-1)                       No (+1)
feel safe?

Have you have ever felt judged or                                         Yes (-1)                       No (+1)
uncomfortable because of the size, height,
or shape of your body.

Total: ____________




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